What moves you is what moves us every day to bring you the gift of a healthy heart and vascular system. Your first step to controlling your heart health is knowing your risk for heart disease.



Some risk factors are beyond your control, like your age, gender, ethnicity and family history, but you’re not helpless. By committing to healthy choices, you reduce your risk of heart disease and improve your quality of life. Below are the controllable risk factors for heart disease, as identified by the American Heart Association.

Read up on them and decide which factor or factors you pledge to address in your life starting today.

Tobacco Use Quitting smoking today has an almost immediate impact on your health.
Exercise targets several key risk factors for heart disease, including arterial plaque, blood pressure and cholesterol.
A regular exercise regimen and healthy food choices can help control risk factors for heart disease.
High levels of stress can contribute to high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
High blood pressure damages blood vessels, making the heart work harder to do its job.
Cholesterol is a waxy substance the body needs for building cells, but it’s not all good.
Diabetics are at a significantly higher risk of death by heart disease.
Drinking in excess can lead to high blood pressure and obesity in addition to other problems.


From minimally invasive heart repair and heart transplants to lifestyle guidance and risk assessments, OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute provides everything you could need to overcome or avoid cardiovascular problems.

And with more than 80 specialists in 28 locations throughout Illinois, we have the expertise, the technology and the modern treatment options you need, right where you need them.

Now that you know the risks of cardiovascular disease, take the Heart Healthy Pledge. Still not sure where to start? Take our online risk assessment to determine where you can have the most impact on your health. Click below to get started.